Does the Color of a Kayak Matter?

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There is one thing we all need more of and that is time spent in nature. A century ago, the situation was quite different and not as many people were in the city as there are now.

Today, everyone thinks that their chances for success are much higher in an urban environment.

While that does have some truth to it, living in a populated city has a lot of disadvantages. The biggest one is the everyday stress that you have to cope with.

One of the best ways to fight it is to spend your free time in nature, and while for some, it seems like a complicated thing to plan, it is actually quite simple and inexpensive.

Kayaking is an entertaining activity that can be done in a group or solo. Whether you want to engage in kayaking as a part of your fishing experience or you simply want to paddle out on open water, learning the proper technique will not take you very long at all – after that, it is all a matter of practice.

Apart from that, getting the most out of this activity will not require anything else other than a kayak, paddles, and some accessory equipment. Luckily for you, this activity is quite popular so finding an affordable kayak to get you started shouldn’t be a problem.

While there are a few points that make a good kayak, there is one that is particularly discussed among the enthusiasts and that is if the color of your kayak matters. Read on to find out more.

Why Kayak Color Matters

Color doesn’t seem like a critical factor, yet kayaking enthusiasts seem to be obsessed with it – why?

There are a few reasons how choosing the right kayak color may affect your chances of getting the right catch.

Whether you are investing in a kayak to get a better fishing experience, or you want to do bird watching, the color of your kayak will play a huge role in your success.

Along with that, color does matter even if you want to spend a safe and relaxing day on open water taking photos and enjoying the environment with your friends.

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The Benefits of Bright Colors

It is quite clear that color affects your chances of successful fishing, photographing of birds, or a relaxing paddling session that keeps you safe and seen.

Although it doesn’t have to be a deal breaker, using the wind guidance technique instead of the paddling technique in order to get closer to your prey or the wildlife that you want to take photos of is even better if you are in a camouflage-colored kayak.

Apart from that, bright colors lower the chances of any open-water accidents.

The Two Best Colors for Any Kayaking Activity

The first one is bright yellow. While most of the people don’t enjoy wearing anything that is yellow-colored as it doesn’t look that attractive (comparing to red, blue, black), it is one of the best colors if you want to increase your fishing chances.

Although there are no studies to prove this, it seems that fish either don’t notice or even get attracted by the yellow color and if you are out bass and pike fishing, this will be a great advantage.

Along with that, if the day is quite cloudy and you are kayaking on open water where there are a lot of other anglers around you, the bright yellow color will increase your chances of being noticed in time and evading possible collision. Whether it is day or night time, a yellow kayak is hard to miss.

Our second recommendation is a camouflage color with accents of grey, black, and green.

While it is not as good as yellow when it comes to visibility, the camo-kayak still seems to do a great job when it comes to fishing. Unlike pure black or blue kayaks, the camo-color doesn’t scare them away and there have been numerous cases where species of fish go to follow a camo-colored kayak.

Not to forget, if you are interested in bird watching, investing in this color kayak will allow you to blend in with the environment and stay unnoticed as you take pictures and observe the birds.

Final Verdict

Kayaking is a beautiful activity that you can enjoy alone or as a part of a group. It doesn’t take much time or money to get a hold of a kayak and that is what makes it so fun. 

Color does play a critical factor depending on what you plan to use your kayak for, and it is something you should consider in making your purchasing decision.

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