What Is A Sea Kayak?

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It is always wise to know a thing or two about the activity you are planning to engage in, especially when it involves water. If kayaking is something that has sparked your interest, learning about the different types of kayaks is a must.

Becoming a part of the kayaking community is a great choice as it will allow you to meet people, experience new things, and gather amazing memories that you can look back on for a lifetime.

Kayaking is seen by many as a relaxing activity, and it can become your go-to weekend option when you feel stressed and tired from your fast-paced, urban life.

What is a sea kayak actually?

Well, there are two main types of kayaks – the sit-inside and the sit-on-top kayaks, and while the first one is traditional, the second one seems to be more popular for families with kids and people who are looking to have an adventure rather than a competitive experience. 

The main difference is that in the sit-inside one you are in an enclosed hull, while in the other type you are sitting in a depression and have much more legroom and storage space.

While for some, the sit-on-top kayak may seem less safe, it is not and as long as you are ready to slip out of it if need be, there is nothing to worry about. The other classification is between a recreational and a sea kayak.

Recreational kayaks are those that don’t have float bags, good perimeter lines, and are in general recommended for people that are starting off and want to rent one for a couple of hours.​

On the other hand, a sea kayak is something you should be looking into once you become more experienced.

What Is Sea Kayaking All About?

Telling the difference is quite simple as sea kayaks are more expensive and more complex than the recreational ones. While renting a recreational kayak is great for starting off, as soon as you get a grip of how to hold the paddle and cut through the water, a sea kayak should be your next port of call.

Making such an investment doesn’t mean that you have to become a professional – a high-quality kayak goes a long way toward your recreational use as well, especially if you are interested in fishing, hunting, or bird watching.

The sea kayak is the longest out of all, going anywhere from 15 to 18 feet, and allowing a lot of legroom and storage space.

Unlike the sit-on-tops, a traditional sea kayak has a covered deck which means that you are protected from any water entering and potentially sinking the kayak. Graceful in looks, a sea kayak is anywhere from 20 to 23 inches in width which makes it pretty narrow compared to some sit-on-tops kayaks.

Still, these are less maneuverable than other types given the length and the fact that the primary use of these is for straight line and cargo padding. The fact that these are less maneuverable doesn’t mean that sea kayaks are hard to handle – on the contrary, compared to a regular canoe, slicing through the water with a sea kayak is much easier.

Whether you are interested in becoming a professional competitor or you want to have a kayak to support your wildlife photography and fishing activities, a sea kayak is a great long-term investment. Made out of fiberglass and carbon fiber, as well as roto-molded and thermoformed plastics, these are made to last.

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Sea Kayak Styles

The benefits of investing in a sea kayak are quite clear, and apart from having a graceful on-the-water appearance, you will be able to move swiftly and get the most out of this activity.

There are two main sea kayak styles with the British style being a base for the later invented North American style.

The British-style sea kayak has a curved hull and features a retractable blade/fin which makes it easier to go through crosswind conditions.

On the other hand, the North American-sea kayak features a rudder system that allows for better maneuvering and faster movement.

Still, the British-style sea kayaks are a better choice for a beginner given the fact that these are more compact and easier to maneuver than the challenging foot paddle rudder system.

Final Verdict

Kayaking is an activity that is becoming more popular each year as people understand the importance of getting back to nature.

While going for a recreational kayak is a great way to start off your adventure, sea kayaks should be your go-to option if you are thinking about longer trips or becoming a competitive kayaker.

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